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Posted by Kayleigh on 21st Sep 2021

Building your capsule wardrobe!

Girls, we’ve been having an identity crisis here in GTT! Is it just us or does anybody else dress completely differently in Summer and in Autumn? During the warmer months all we want to wear is pastels and florals, but as soon as September hits (I’m lying, I’m itching to bust out my Autumn wardrobe in the first week of Autumn, I just hate to admit it) we’re starting to reach for neutral, minimalistic colours. In fact, if I was a girl with a little bit more self-control I would be seriously thinking about creating an Autumn capsule wardrobe!

For those who don’t know, a capsule wardrobe consists mostly of interchangeable clothing that will complement one another. They will often be more simple pieces that will never go out of style, and will usually be in neutral colours in order to allow you to create a variety of cute ‘fits! It was popularised in 1985 with Donna Karan’s “7 easy pieces” collection, where models wore bodysuits and made various outfits out of 7 simple, basic pieces. It’s continued to become more popular in recent years as fashion lovers everywhere are becoming more environmentally conscious. A capsule wardrobe allows your style to become more sustainable as you’re wearing higher quality pieces more often, rather than buying lower quality clothes regularly and wearing them less. This also means that you’re buying less and are spending less money, as well as cutting out the stress of not knowing what to wear. How amazing does that sound?

The first thing your wardrobe should include: a few basic t-shirts. You can never go wrong with a simple t-shirt in a neutral colour, this will go with anything and is super easy to dress up or dress down! This tan one from Only would be ideal!


Next, tank tops in a neutral colour. These are a favourite when it comes to GTT, for the sole reason that they’re an absolute must when it comes to layering! We’re obsessed with how a cami top looks under an unbuttoned shirt for a relaxed, casual look!


Shirts and blouses are the perfect addition if you want to add a dressier touch to your outfit! This is the ideal alternative to a t-shirt and is ideal for a more formal look. This embroidered shirt from Only just shows that simple and versatile doesn't have to mean boring!


Another capsule wardrobe necessity (and a GTT staff Autumn/Winter wardrobe necessity!) would be a knit jumper. This is one of our favourite go-to for pairing over jeans for a minimal effort look, as well as over a dress for a casual look!


You can never go wrong with simple dresses, especially when said simple dress is an LBD! A day dress and tights is my current favourite style and is always an easy dress to throw on for a minimum effort, maximum impact look!


Yet another staple would be jeans, as they would go with the vast majority of items in your capsule wardrobe! But we know how hard it can be to choose, so you could go for one blue pair and one black pair here! Just to ensure that you have a pair that will go with whatever top you’re wearing that day. Black jeans would also be great for something a little bit more formal! We've chosen skinny jeans here because although they're not super on trend right now (thanks, Gen Z!) they're a style staple that you can wear in years to come, rather than a trendy looser fit pair!



Next up: jackets! Here, it’s important again to have a more casual jacket as well as a dressy one, meaning that you have at least one jacket that will be appropriate for what your plans are for the day!



Another important part of your wardrobe would be a skirt. This is another simple basic when it comes to a dressier outfit. We love the simple look of a button down shirt and a fitted skirt!


Finally, as we all know, a pair of shoes can make or break an outfit! A pair of trainers, a pair of boots, and a pair of simple heels would be ideal to go with any outfit!




However, this list is not set in stone! It’s been a long running joke in GTT that I won’t stop until I have a pair of shorts in every colour possible, so I know I would have to include some tailored shorts in my own wardrobe! It’s important to remember here that this is your wardrobe, and you can add or take away items from the above list to suit your own personal style!


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