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Posted by Kayleigh on 22nd Feb 2022

Breaking Down Fashion Week Street Style Trends So You Don't Have To!

One of the most exciting times of the year in the fashion world is upon us, the first Fashion Month of the year! Around the world, designers are already showcasing their AW22 designs, however our attention is on the sidewalk rather than the catwalk! All we've been able to talk about for the past few days has been the Fashion Week Street Style, and with Copenhagen and New York spectators already rocking their favourite Spring trends we haven't been disappointed! Here are some of the trends we're already seeing:


In early February, Copenhagen kicked off Fashion Month in the best way possible! While we mostly associate Scandi style with calming, muted, neutral tones this took a complete 180 turn as we saw so many pops of colour throughout the streets. Bright green seemed to be a notably popular choice and honestly, we wouldn't mind spending the next few months in emerald tones like this midi skirt!


Remember how we've been rejoicing over the return of shorter hemlines? While we're not totally ready to give this up, Copenhagen Fashion Week saw more people going for longer hemlines as midi and maxi skirts as well as calf length coats were all the rage. 

This seemed to be a more popular choice in particular when it came to layered outfits (another trend we spotted) with so many fashion lovers pairing a longer skirt with an oversized shirt or a loose fitting cardigan, and finishing the look off with  winter boots. While part of me isn't quite confident that I could pull this one off, the other part is thinking "Ohh I do love a good biker boot and midi dress combination"



Last week I introduced the idea of Chaos Couture and we're already seeing it in full effect directly from Copenhagen! Not familiar with it? That's what I'm here for! This is essentially mixing prints, bold colours and fabrics to create a fun, bright, ever so slightly chaotic outfit that actually somehow works. And I promise now that you're aware of it you will start seeing this trend e v e r y w h e r e! Fashion lovers really rocked this trend and completely stole the spotlight with a playful element of interest to their outfits. Want to try this one out for yourself? You can do this so easily with a stripe t-shirt and a floral print skirt!



As much as we loved the bright colours and fun prints, we also noticed a lot of co-ords and more tonal outfits. You know how much we love a blazer so of course we could never overlook this trend! The spectators of Copenhagen Fashion Week seem to be people after our own hearts!



Now let's get to the most important part:outerwear! Statement coats had a real moment in Copenhagen with so many intricate prints, bright pops of colour and quilted designs taking their (rightful) place in the spotlight here!


New York

This past week, our attention has moved to New York, and as expected they did not disappoint! Although we're seeing a lot of different takes on trends to those seen in Copenhagen, we can't help but love these more clean cut styles that a lot of you will find more wearable for day to day wear!

Firstly, statement coats took a backseat here as we noticed a lot more neutral, tailored styles with so many attendees sporting trench or duster styles in more muted monochome tones.


While green was hugely popular in Copenhagen, we've seen it replaced in New York for bold pops of red in true Valentines spirit! Whether it was through head to toe scarlet looks, a subtle red scarf or accessory, red detailing in an otherwise neutral piece of clothing, or the odd statement coat, it seems that we'll be seeing a lot more red this season!


These pops of red were often used to break up an otherwise monochrome outfits, which seems to have been another major trend! Statement white tops paired with black trousers, or black coats layered over a white dress seemed to be a popular outfit choice throughout the week and honestly, we love it!



One thing that stands out from the various looks was a major Y2K influence! Fur coats (or even a very Paris Hilton fur trimmed jacket), corset inspired tops and even the odd glimpse of double denim for those brave enough to attempt it, not to mention totally rock it!



London Fashion Week has just ended and yet again, did not disappoint on the style front! We noticed very similar vibes to New York Fashion Week when it came to the more wearable, neutral colours while more obvious pops of colour and bold patterns brought a level of playfulness. Balletcore has been an expected trend for 2022 and although we weren't quite convinced before, we definitely are now after seeing the exagerrated tiered skirts featured in street style over the weekend! This brings a real feminine touch to the outfit that we're obsessed with right now!


When it came to outerwear, it was clear to see that the vibe most people were going for was relaxed. Whether it was oversized puffer coats, oversized teddy coats, or relaxed fit blazers, people found the perfect way to combine comfort and style and honestly, can we blame them?


Blazers and co-ords had a real moment at London Fashion week, and honestly, is anybody even surprised? It seems that the hold this style staple has had on us in the past few months is universal as we noted so many people rocking a co-ord, either dressed up with heels or dressed down with funky platform trainers!


Compared to Copenhagen and New York, the over all feel of a lot of these outfits seemed to be quite an on-trend preppy look, with plenty of collars layered under knit jumpers, button downs and blazers, with even a few pleated mini skirts for those to were feeling brave enough to go out in bare legs! 




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