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Posted by Kayleigh on 17th Nov 2021

Athleisure-But Make It Cute!

Girls, I’m about to make a bold statement: exercising is one of life’s greatest pains. On one hand, you feel amazing afterwards and find yourself swearing that you’re turning over a new leaf and that you’re about to become one of those people that actually enjoys working out. On the other hand, effort. I can’t explain the amount of nights I’ve spend telling everyone about my plans to go to the gym the next day, only to not go because of a crippling headache that miraculously starts 5 minutes before I’m supposed to go! But I think I may have found the one thing that will actually make me look forward to exercising (apart from the opportunity to humble brag about it all day at work! “Oh you’re going home? Yeah I’m just going to the gym” “OMG my legs are so sore! Do you want to know why? It’s because I was at the gym last night”) I present to you: athleisure that’s actually comfortable and cute!

If you walk into the GTT Office on any given day, I could bet my week’s wages that you would be guaranteed to find at least one person wearing a pair of Bali leggings. Ever since this brand arrived with us over the summer it has been a real staff favourite. The black leggings are my current go-to for my weekend wardrobe. They’re made with an increased blend of spandex which makes them a non slip style (is there anything worse than having to pull up your leggings every few minutes?) while the high waisted style almost feels like it’s pulling everything in to the same effect as shapewear, as well as being slimming and emphasising the waist. And most importantly, the thick material of these leggings make them super comfortable as well as squat proof!


It’s always great to add a little bit of colour to your athleisure to make you enjoy exercising that little bit more, and this top from Bali has been one of my favourites! The lightweight material as well as the brushed fleece on the inside makes it super comfortable, especially for those that enjoy being outdoors at the weekend. It also has reflective details at the back which makes it a must for the current season and darker evenings!


GTT’s Maria has talked me into many of my purchases since she started working here last year, and this set has been the most recent. The high waisted style of the leggings are always a flattering style that defines the most narrow part of the waist while the stretchy material makes them super comfortable and the ribbed effect really stops the leggings from slipping. The thicker material of the top offers added support while the thick band at the bottom will add further shape and definition to the waist.


We’re big believers that comfort is always key, as well as that you can never go wrong with an oversized hoodie! This was our uniform when it came to lockdown last year and is one trend that we refused to let go of. This one from 304 is a real statement piece and the perfect way to turn heads. Graphic t-shirts had a huge moment this year and this hoodie ensures that youroutfit’s comfortable while still being on trend. A pair of fitted leggings would give this look a more relaxed, casual feel and would make it the ideal outfit for chilled weekends!


When the Columbia brand arrived with us this year, we were amazed by their ability to create innovative styles using their own technology, as well as styles that are actually super cute and on trend! And these leggings are just one example of this. They’re made from a smart fabric that offers sun protection as well as Omni-Wick™ technology which moves moisture away from the skin and towards the fabric’s surface where it is quickly absorbed.



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