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Posted by Kayleigh on 29th Jan 2022

Athleisure That You Can Actually Wear In Our Daily Life? Say No More!

From looking at our instagram feeds, endless pinterest boards, and multiple online wishlists in the past few months there's one thing that stands out. Activewear seems to have a hold on us and honestly, we don't even care enough to try to be secretive about it! We've been spending at least 75% of our time in the past year in leggings (the other 25% is spend wishing we were in leggings but aren't because we've already worn them 3 days in row) And have been hunting for the perfect styles to rock all day every day. But lets not lie here, there can often be a struggle with knowing how to wear these styles in public without feeling underdressed. But we think we may have just found the ideal styles to pull this off!

It's no secret that we've been loving Bali leggings, we've only been raving about them since we started stocking them over the summer! Believe us when we say that this style is perfectly wearable day-to-day or for running errands on a Saturday. The thicker material of these leggings mean that their completely squat proof making them more comfortable as well as the fact that they really visually add definition to the body. The darker colours of these ones are also that little bit more dressy and wearable than other workout leggings.


We fully believe that sweatshirts are the answer to some of our greatest fashion queries, which is exactly why our excitement levels reached an all time high when the Daisy Street brand arrives with us last year. We love the relaxed fit of their sweatshirts for a super relaxed fit that would be perfect for weekend adventures or trips to the walks. This style paired with leggings and chunky trainers is the perfect effortlessly cool 'fit!


With the return of Y2K fashion last year we were almost waiting on the comeback of Juicy Couture tracksuits. Although the bedazzled velour styles didn't quite make it to 2021 we've still been loving matching hoodie and jogger sets. After seeing the likes of Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner rocking this style staple, we've come to the conclusion that full tracksuits are 100% okay to wear out in public! Not only is this trend the most comfortable style but the neutral colours keep it effortlessly cool and bang on trend!


We've been obsessed the the Bench Olivia Sweatshirts since they've arrived with in stock. But really, can you blame us? This style is that little bit more form fitting than the more relaxed Daisy Street styles which means that this can often be dressier than these more casual styles and look just as amazing with jeans as they do with leggings. The neutral colour of this one also makes it super versatile and perfect for day to day wear!


Crop tops seem to be a bit of a hot topic when it comes to fashion, are they appropriate to wear out in public or not? Sometimes it really is as simple as pairing with high waisted jeans and tie a shirt around your waist for a little bit more comfort. This will again add a more relaxed, street style feel to your outfit and will still leave you feeling more comfortable than ever!


Something you may not know about the GTT Gals: we're huge fans of a good chunky trainer (and regularly have to talk ourselves out of just taking the plunge and buying a pair of Balenciagas). And although we don't recommend rocking up to the gym in these trainers from Only (speaking as someone who has nightmares about falling on the treadmill and going over my ankle) this is the perfect way to upgrade your athleisure inspired fit and make it seem effortlessly relaxed!



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