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Posted by Kayleigh on 19th Feb 2022

Are You A 2022 Wedding Guest? Here Are Some Of The Trends We're Expecting To See This Year

Hand Santiser? Check! Lipstick? Check! Spare pair of shoes from when the heels get too much? Check! Bang on trend dress? CHECK!! 

Is it just us or are there so many weddings planned this year? After 2 years of waiting, brides up and down the country are finally getting ready for their big day, while guests up and down the country are stressing at the thought of all the occasion dresses they'll be buying for the next few months. As much as we love a big occasion (the GTT Team will take any and every excuse to get all glammed and dance the night away) we know just how overwhelming it can be shopping for these occasions. With so many styles and colours available it can be difficult to know where to start. So how about starting with 5 styles that we have a sneaky suspicion will be very on trend this year!

Last year we saw the beginning of Dopamine Dressing, and as much as we loved it in Autumn Winter fashion, I know we'll love it even more with Spring Summer! This is such a great way of having fun and playing with brighter hues in your personal style, and the ideal way to make sure you can stand out from the crowd! And it doesn't get more "stand out" than this pink midi dress from Ivy Lane! The bodycon style of this one is always stunning on all body shapes and never fails to show off your curves, while the frill hem of this one adds the perfect detail to finish this one off!


Pleated skirts are set to be a huge trend this year and we LOVE it! This is the ideal way to add a little bit more volume to the bottom of the body, while the lightweight fabric of this one follows the natural shape of the body rather than making the hips seem bigger than they actually are. This is also a great style if your looking to draw attention to the waistline in addition to this!


There has been a major spotlight on Midi dresses in the past few years, but we're set to see mini dresses making their long awaited return this year! We always love this style for it's flattering elongating effects and often find that it's the perfect option if you're going for that "legs eleven" look!


We're still not ready to get rid of our favourite puff sleeves, and we were so happy to hear that they'll be sticking around for another year! Exaggerated silhouettes are set to be a major trend for occasion wear this year, whether it's a puff sleeve or a voluminous bubble style skirt (remember back in December when we predicted that 80's fashion would be making a comeback?)


Cutouts were one of the major trends in the past year, so of course it will be sticking around this year! And there's no shame in this one when it comes to occasion wear as there are so many ways to wear this trend in a super subtle, 100% appropriate way as you can always go for a simple keyhole cutout on the top of the dress, a cold shoulder or our favourite, an open back if you're feeling brave (and have someone to tan your back for you!) This is the perfect trend during the summer for a fun, flirty feel!




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