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Posted by Kayleigh on 11th Nov 2021

An Interview With Pamela Uba!

In early June, Pamela Uba walked into our office looking effortlessly cool in a GTT Dress that she had ordered the year before and we officially had a new girl crush. Pamela slotted straight into the madness that can only come when the GTT Girls are prepping for a new launch and this day just so happened to be the first photoshoot of our own brand. Over the next few months we got to see Pamela for more photoshoots and each time we were in awe of her down to earth personality as she wasted no time in joining in on our Lunchtime Love Island debates. It’s fair to say that we were obsessed! So it was no surprise to us when she was crowned Miss Ireland 2021 in September, and we’ve loved watching her journey since then. Today we managed to catch up with her (and her amazing crown!) days before she flies out to Puerto Rico for the Miss World Pageant, and we had so many questions for her after her whirlwind few months!

First of all, can we talk about your dress for the Stellar awards over the weekend? Amazing! I know some of the girls were speaking to you about it at lunch today and you mentioned that it was originally intended to be your dress for the Miss Ireland Final! What was it about this dress that made you fall in love with it?

I love the cape, it just felt very regal, I mean you’re going to the final of Miss Ireland and that’s what you want it to feel like! I ended up using it for my official photo shoots for Miss Ireland instead of actually wearing it for the main event, which I’m glad I did because now I got to wear it at a big red carpet so I’m really happy with that! It was gorgeous, I loved everything about it from the colour, we went with a very champagne tone and even the inside of the cape was champagne to match. The original piece was silver and the inside lining was black, so with my skin tone I thought that champagne made it really pop, and the bejewelled neckline and the top of the dress was lovely as well!

It was stunning for this time of year as well, we love our sequins! But this isn’t the only thing you’ve had going on! Not only are you the current Miss Ireland but you’re also working in Medical Science after graduating from Galway Mayo Institute of Technology as well as Trinity University, how have you been finding balancing your work as well as everything that has been going on in the past few months? Because it has been a crazy few months for you!

Challenging! You have to really plan and organise yourself you know. So I had to really look at my schedule and know where I need to be and when I need to be there, and then figure out “Okay, what shift am I on at work and what shift can I move around”

“Who can I swap with?”

Literally! And I work call as well so that was really hard, not only am I Friday 9-6 it’s also call so I work overnight and weekends as well if I’m rostered on. And when I say call I know you might think I’m just waiting at home for a phone call to go into work, but that’s not how call works for us in Galway for medical scientists, we are literally in the lab all night, working away!

Such a difference to your role as Miss Ireland where you’re so glam!

Oh my colleagues used to think I was so gas, because I would get home from call, put my makeup on and go straight to the races. After working a whole 24 hour shift, it was crazy!

Yes because we didn’t realise that you were working as well as doing your Miss Ireland events, until you mentioned earlier today that you’re only starting your break from the lab this week!

Yeah, absolutely everything I’ve done I’ve done while working!

Actual Superwomen! Like we mentioned You’ve been doing so much work in the past few months, I can’t believe it has been only two months, you’ve done loads! But you’ve done so much especially for education can you tell us about that? It seems to be really important to you.

Yeah so I work with the Children’s charity Variety Ireland and we focus on helping children with their education especially. Variety many different things, like they have children with additional needs and get them trikes for mobility issues. But because my focus was to get kids with education we did an iPad campaign, it was inspired from my iPad campaign to help kids in Direct Provision. I’m happy to say that this week we got sponsored by the Comer Group in Galway, they’re a property group, and they helped me sponsor the iPads for all special needs assistants across the national schools in Galway, that’s 244 national schools in Galway alone, and not including the same campaign done in Mayo and Roscommon, and I think three direct provision centres and a refugee centre

It must be amazing to know what you’ve helped do that! You were crowned Miss Ireland back in September and your life seems to have been non-stop since then! What have been the highlights of the past few months?

I think to be honest the most emotional was the night of the crowning, my mom was there and she was bawling her eyes out and I tried not to cry but she was crying! So I was really happy that I was able to do that and able to make her smile. It’s really a memory I’ll have forever!

That’s so sweet! And Miss World is beginning in just less than two weeks, exciting times! how are preparations going for it?

Yes! So at the moment I’m trying to learn my Irish dance for the part of Miss World called “Dances of the World” so you showcase the dance from your country and I have my cute little Irish Dance outfit! And I’m preparing then for other portions, one of the ones I’m more excited about is the talent because I love singing and I have a lovely song prepared and did a music video, so I’m going to release that probably before I go.

It must have been so much fun filming your music video!

Yeah it was! And I’ve done it in such a way that it incorporates everything that I have been working towards with my Beauty With A Purpose Project

Wow, I can’t wait to see it! Well we’ve been keeping up with your journey in Instagram and have been obsessed with your style! Is there one outfit in particular that has become almost like a power outfit to you? Like you’re here today in your jeans and shirt and look so chilled!

Ooh power outfit…I love a good suit. A power suit. I actually did a photo shoot recently in a red suit and I adored it

Yes it was fab, the colour was just stunning on you! And You’ve had a chance to meet so many amazing people in the past few months, what has been the best piece of advice you’ve received?

I suppose to enjoy the experience of Miss World, as much as I aim to help a lot of people along the way it’s also an incredible journey and an incredible experience to meet all these women from all parts of the world, and I love getting to know people from different countries and trying out different things from different countries. So just to enjoy it and be myself and I can’t wait to get over there, where it’s warm!

You’re going at the perfect time of year as well to get away from this rain! Is there anything else that you hope to accomplish before the end of the year? Aside from winning Miss World of course!

I’m actually currently writing a children’s book, I’m co-authoring with another amazing person who is the CEO of an organisation that I am an ambassador for and they’re trying to create social housing for people that live in Direct Provision so it’s good to be able to do some other work with him as well! The children’s book is based on using our literature and tapping into the talent of our youth and their innovation, it’s going to be very innovative. It’s not just a physical book as well, it’s mixed reality so we’re going to be using augmented reality!


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