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Posted by Kayleigh on 20th Sep 2021

70's Jeans Are On The Rise!

We’ve been loving seeing all things 70’s fashion coming back in! From warm toned browns, to our favourite blazers but one thing we’re SO excited just has to be the return of looser jeans! We don’t know about you but we’ve been living in our flares in the past few months! This decade saw major changes in style, with fashion for the first time being seen as a way of expressing yourself and your individual personality. It also featured women beginning to wear more masculine clothing and prioritise comfort and style. Enter: the wide legged jean!

The wide legged jean trend was a continuation of a style that was super popular throughout the majority of the 50’s and 60’s (Thanks to Cher) , but the 70’s saw jeans becoming more fitted at the waist


In the mid 70’s, we see bell bottoms coming into the spotlight, similar to this pair from Urban Bliss. This is a favourite style here in GTT, at it’s more fitted at the waist and top of the leg and flares from the knee. This means that it accentuated the body in all the right places, while still being comfortable and on trend.


Another style that became popular throughout the decade was embellished or detailed jeans. Ladies everywhere were sewing buttons or swatches of bright, patterned fabric onto their jeans. This was just another way of adding your own personal flair to your outfit and standing out from the crowd. These patchwork jeans from JDY would be perfect!


When it came to colour, blue jeans were particularly popular during this decade. In the early 70’s it was all about light wash, with most people preferring jeans that had been pre-owned and naturally faded, or even bleached. In the late 70’s however, we can see a slimming, darker denim coming back in style.


Along with the darker denim, came a skinnier jean. In the late 70’s hippie culture was long forgotten and the punk era was beginning. One of the most popular style in the late 70’s was Sassoon Jeans, who designed a popular skin tight style.



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