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9th Jan 2020


Everything is a rush - we’re so busy trying to make money or keep a clean house that sometimes we forget what it’s all about. I never hear the word ‘’hobby’’ anymore, do you? It’s not selfish to spend some time doing what you’re passionate about - it’s a necessity!

Let’s spend a little more of this year doing what we LOVE.


..Feeling Good..


Feel good from the inside out! There are more and more studies detailing the mental benefits. You get some ‘’me-time’’ as well as relaxing your mind. Just google the benefits and you’ll see for yourself. This is one to start this year, ASAP really.


One of the best ways of feeling good is to help others feel good. There are so many organisations that would love your help.

..Create Something Beautiful..


 Whether you’re baking with Granny since you were 5, or if you’ve never lifted a wooden spoon.. baking is something we could all do more of! You know the smile of your child's face when they’re whisking something in a bowl, or licking the leftover Rice Krispies off the spoon? That’s how we can feel about it too! Enjoy the process.. and at the end of it, enjoy the lovely treat you have made. Practice makes perfect here.

Create An Instagram Page

Simply take your passion - it can be anything (home interiors, travel, nail design, cleaning, cooking)& make an Instagram page for it where you post all about it. Not only will you continue to spend time doing what you love, you will also create a beautiful page that yourself and others can enjoy.

Write Reviews

Whether you love TV and movies, books, fine dining, travel, wine, makeup.. review it. Someone else will love what you love, and we all love a good honest opinion! By doing this you will continue to spend time doing what you love & it will also create an opportunity for you to engage in conversation with like-minded people. Start a blog or an Instagram page for this.


Studies have told of the many benefits of spending time with nature. Enjoy some quiet time creating a beautiful space You can have that beautiful garden for Spring/Summer. Or create it within your community to get even more satisfaction & a space that many can enjoy.

Whatever makes you happy - do that.


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