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Posted by Kayleigh on 27th Jan 2022

5 Ways To Make Your Neutral Outfits That Little Bit More Exciting!

Don't get us wrong here, you all know just how much we love a pop of colour, but there's something so chic and effortlessly cool about the neutral outfits that are so on trend right now! This trend is so easy to pull off. as neutrals are shades rather than colours so almost always look good together making it super simple to create the capsule wardrobe of your dreams. It seems that our Instagram feeds are currently dominated by calming white, tan, and black tones. But for our playful print lovers these outfits can often seem boring or dull, here are some of our favourite ways to add a little bit of excitement!

We love our layers, and this just so happens to be a really easy way to add interest to your outfit. You can do this through a long cardigan or a chunky scarf.  This really adds a touch of personality to the outfit and id the perfect way to level up your look!


Remember that neutrals don't always have to be the one shade! It's always a great idea to mix a few colours together in the one outfit to add a little bit of excitement and really make the outfit stand out. This is really the perfect way to make the outfit seem effortlessly cool rather than boring and can often be as simple as pairing a beige handbag with a black or white outfit!


Another really simple way of adding interest to your outfit is through a statement accessory. As neutral outfits are often quite simple this can really allow your jewellery to be the talking point of your look and enhance your outfit in a really natural way, just like this stunning necklace!


Not one for making a statement? Sometimes it really is as simple as including a mix of textures in your outfit. This is a sure-fire way to add interest to your outfit without making it seem like you're even trying. You can do this really easily with a  knit jumper, jeans, and suede boots to really make your outfit seem exciting and totally put together!


Finally...A NEUTRAL OUTFIT DOESN'T MEAN BLOCK COLOURS AND PLAIN CLOTHES! A simple pattern here is another great way to add another point of interest to your outfit. Again, we love our bright floral prints, but this pattern is just as effective in a more natural colour or a ditsy print. But stripes are always a really simple way of adding a print into your outfit without seeming like it's too overpowering or taking away from the laid back neutral feel.



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