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Posted by Kayleigh on 3rd Aug 2021

​ Trend Watch: 70’s Fashion

There’s something so interesting about seeing how fashion trends can influence a decade, and how these same trends can still make a statement years later. We’ve been seeing this more than ever with the recent comeback of the 70’s trend.

Firstly, when it comes to early 70’s, we’ve loved seeing the tie dye trend making a comeback. Tie dye t-shirts and sweatshirts have become such a style staple when it comes to our summer wardrobe, we love this sixth june sweatshirt paired with cycle shorts to add a touch of personality on our athleisure!

The early 70’s also saw a continuation of a lot of 60’s styles, all the bright colours and mini dresses! This summer we’ve been swapping out our beloved pastels to bright greens and yellows, and we’ve been loving it! This is one of the many reasons that we adored some of our pieces from our latest Motel Rocks drop. This dress is the perfect way to stand out in style!

While the late 70’s saw the rise of punk rock and skinny jeans, when you think of jeans from the late 60’s and early 70’s you automatically think of ultra comfortable bell bottoms (who knew that Sonny and Cher were the OG influencers?) We’re obsessed with this pair from Dr. Denim with a mid rise waist, fitted to the knee style, that flares out below the knee for a super slimming, flattering look that we’ve been seeing everywhere for the past few months!

The late 70’s turned all of these fashion trends on their heads! Gone were the days of bright colours and the later years of this decade saw the rise of earthy browns, tans, greys and blacks. We’ve been obessed with this dress from motel rocks since it arrived with us a few weeks ago, those colours just scream 1970’s right? It combines two super popular trends from this decade with the neutral colours and halter neck neckline!

You know that we love a good blazer, and they seem to be everywhere this summer, little did we know that one of our favourite styles rose to popularity in the 70’s! With an increase in woman entering the workforce, blazers and pantsuits acted as the ultimate symbol of power and were pointed out as a political statement as well as a fashion one. Who knew that ladies in the 70’s where the ultimate boss babes? We love this black one featuring one of the most popular colours of the 70's!

Another change in fashion to come in 1977 was the change in silhouette, with clothing becoming less fitted. This resulted in mixed opinions, with a lot of women feeling that they couldn’t flaunt their figures. The answer to this? Showing as much skin as possible with the perfect power move! This saw ladies everywhere wearing unbuttoned shirts, rolled up sleeves and lacy or even transparent tops. We were obsessed with this sheer shirt from Motel Rocks the second it landed on our shelves. How amazing does our model Pamela look with this shirt paired with brown trousers and a brown bra for a toned down look?

If you need us we'll just be in our mums' wardrobes for the perfect piece to live out our 70's style dreams!


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