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Posted by Kayleigh on 24th Aug 2021

​ Layering 101

Are you ready for Autumn fashion? This has been a major topic of debate in GTT HQ in the past few weeks and as tempting as it has been to cling to our florals and pastel summer dresses with all our might, we think we might just be ready for cosy knits and over the knee boots again! One thing that we’re most excited about when it comes to dressing for the colder months just has to be layering outfits, but this can be super difficult to so without making the outfit look bulky. Good thing we’ve been swapping our favourite tips on how to add extra layers for a comfortable, flattering, and extra chic look. You can thank us later!

Firstly, where would we be without cardigans? This has to be one of our all time favourite pieces of clothing. Whether it’s a lightweight cardigan to throw on over a dress or a chunky knit to wear with jeans, this just has to be one of the most versatile pieces! A lightweight cardigan is perfect for that “in between weather” that’s somehow warm and cold (thank you Irish weather for keeping us on our toes!) as it can be layered under a jacket for that little bit of extra warmth while also adding colour and texture to your outfit.

Meanwhile, a chunky knit cardigan is the ultimate wardrobe staple if you ask us! Again in the warmer months it can be worn in place of a jacket but we can see ourselves wearing this one buttoned up paired with jeans and boots in the next few months!

The right jacket can make or break an outfit and completely change the vibe of your whole look. If you’re looking for something formal a blazer is a great option for added warmth while also adding a sophisticated feel to your outfit. However, we’ve always been impartial to the classic parka jacket. This is our go-to for a casual look in the Autumn/Winter months for ultimate comfort. The oversized feel of these jackets also mean that you can layer underneath without the outfit looking bulky. This fleece lined denim jacket is an Autumnal take on a casual summer classic!

The best thing about layering: you don’t have to throw out your summer tops as you can still get SO much wear out if them! Here you can use those cropped t-shirts and simple cami tops that you’ve been loving so much in the past few months as a base layer under jumpers or jackets!

A bodysuit is another wardrobe staple that was absolutely made for layering! The lightweight fabric and form fitting style means that they can be layered under sweatshirts without adding too much bulk. We love this look tucked into jeans for a streamlined, chic look and a cardigan layered over it to add some movement and texture to the look.

Vests had a real moment last Autumn and we can see them coming back this year! This was one of our favourite trends last year for the simple reason that it was super easy to layer without adding to much bulk, as well as being a cheat code to have you feeling comfortable as well as being bang on trend. The sweater vest can act as a statement piece for a simple outfit, and a neutral colour like black or grey can go with any outfit!

What would Autumn fashion be without scarves? This is yet another super versatile piece, with a skinny scarf adding a statement piece to any outfit during warmer days without adding too much bulk, while a chunky knit scarf adds fun layers to any outfit!


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