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Posted by Kayleigh on 30th Jun 2022

The 10 Clothing Items That Are Guaranteed To Help Reduce Your Cost Per Wear!

It seems that all we've been seeing on our social media recently has been the responsible, minimalistic capsule wardrobes of dreams. And there's one problem that certain members of the GTT Team (fine, it's me, I'm the certain member) have with it: it's that those certain members (again, me…

Posted by Kayleigh on 28th Jun 2022

Dress To Impress For Your Body Shape: Athletic Shape

Is it just us or are our weekends busier than ever this year? With all of the long awaited Christenings, hen parties, birthdays and weddings, it seems that December has officially lost it's reputation as "party season" and June-July is taking over! And we’re loving it, any chance to get dr…

Posted by Kayleigh on 22nd Jun 2022

Black Satin Slip Skirts: Hot Girl Summer Edition!

Call us basic (please don't call us basic, we're very sensitive) but the GTT Gals are major fans of a bit of satin. Whether it's a satin dress or a top, we find it hard to say no to this style staple. But if there's one thing we could never turn down, it's a good old satin midi skirt! This…

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