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Dressing An Hourglass Figure

20th Jan 2020

The ‘’hourglass’’ figure for many, is the ideal body type. Think Marilyn Monroe - curves to kill and an itty bitty waist. Wide bust and hips, narrow waist. I repeat.. wide bust and hips, narrow waist. … read more

Planning an Irish Staycation? We've got your back!

Posted by Chelsea on 16th Jan 2020

Planning a holiday but don’t know where to go? Forget about the stress of flights and travel Ireland instead! Take a road-trip to the attractions that may only be a couple of hours away, and you’ve al … read more

Occasion Wear For Spring Wedding Guests

Posted by Meggie on 14th Jan 2020

Be the best dressed guest at that spring wedding with these occasion wear pieces for women.Are you ready for wedding season? Spring is officially around the corner and it's time to get ready for all t … read more